Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Space to create

Yesterday I met with a fascinating character, Jon Bartlett, the power behind Project Libero, a fresh and grounded approach to coaching. Over lunch we chatted about the potential for Libero and Treacletiger, and the roads that brought us to our current positions.

Jon clearly has a talent for identifying individuals' 'drivers', the motivating factors behind our behaviours and the decisions we make. It's not just the extensive training he's undertaken, but his own experiences and instincts that inform his creative and effective approach to coaching. It was wonderful to meet a coach so committed to his clients' wellbeing. 

Jon and I have chatted via Twitter for a while now and it's always interesting to meet someone for that otherwordly place; will there be stilted silences or a fight to promote one's own interests at the cost of good discussion and shared experience? Fortunately for me, Jon was even more personable and delightful in reality, so I felt that the meeting was over all too soon.

The conversation turned to NASA (what? It happens) and Jon revealed to me that he has stood on the floor of Mission Control, revelling in the history and human endeavour represented by the place. He's clearly inspired by man's quest for adventure and knowledge, and sees clearly how that same spirit can be instilled in a business using simple and effective techniques.

Jon is cycling London in support of Mind, a magnificent charity that's doing great things to challenge the stigma of mental health issues, and the difficulties faced by those suffering. With 1 in 4 people set to experience depression in their lives, and workplace stress fast becoming the leading cause- and cost- of absenteeism, supporting Mind's Time To Change campaign is essential for business.

You can sponsor Jon here.

The Treacletiger project is bringing some truly inspired and inspiring people into our network; we're very excited about this, and where it will take us.

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