Friday, 8 June 2012


Thanks all for bearing with me while I've taken a few days away to head over to Ireland to see my brother make an honest woman of a braver girl than I.

Ireland is a lovely place; the people are as friendly as you're led to expect, the landscape as green as you're promised, and the pace of life something to either inspire or madden you, depending on whether you've been able to leave your city ways behind or not. I couldn't entirely, though one thing did win my respect- the Irish attitude to their financial travails.

When I spoke to anyone about the austerity measures in place and the fact that life is hard for the people there as a result, I was met with a smile and a shrug, and an occasional "Well, it won't last forever." It struck me that the Irish are setting out to make their own luck, rather than wait for anyone else to fix the problem for them. They have a positivity about them that defies expectations. That, and their friendly and welcoming ways, meant they made an impression on me that won't fade fast.

The wedding itself was wonderful- it all went to plan, the bride and groom were deliriously happy, we all looked ruddy fabulous, and the venue was perfect. My Mum cried, my brother cried, the kids all went nuts on fresh air and excitement, and we all laughed a lot. And danced like mad things.

I've come back today to three potential new clients, a crisis averted thanks to having given good advice, the opportunity to help a growing business and have some fun with it all.

It's going to be a good Summer...

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