Thursday, 20 September 2012

Sod Cancer

Tomorrow I face my biggest physical challenge in years as Steve and I walk 20 miles through London at night with nine friends. We are walking to raise money for Maggie's Centres.

Maggie's support people facing cancer and their loved ones at every stage from diagnosis through treatment, recovery, remission and, when needed, end of life and bereavement care.

They do it all for free. Amazing, right?

We lost someone very precious to us to cancer this year, and saw someone we love lose his father last year. I've had my own narrow squeak, and two amazing ladies we know battled the illness and came through... so when we thought of doing something to raise funds this year, a cancer care charity seemed fitting.

We aimed to raise £3135 and have broken through that in style. We've now raised over £4000 as a team, and are delighted and so grateful for all the support we've received. If you're one of our donors- thank you, and we hope to do you proud.

If you've not supported us yet- please do. It would make every step that little lighter knowing we have you cheering us on and supporting Maggie's.

I am scared- 20 miles feels like forever tonight. I am anxious- what if I can't finish? I so don't want to let anyone down- or myself!

We are determined; our loved ones faced cancer with bravery, humour, putting others' fears before their own and fighting to the last.

Tomorrow, we are proud to walk in honour of them, and as we set off, we hope to feel their hands on our shoulders, guiding us along... And giving us a shove to keep us going when needed.


  1. Good luck to you and Steve tomorrow. It'll go fine... :)


  2. If you get a blister think of it as a medal,if you're worn out think of it as a certificate, if you falter think of it as award that you tried to do something & that is enough. You have achieved.