Thursday, 28 March 2013

Get it out there

Business owners and managers are often absorbed in working in their business, when they should be working on it. Mired deep in the machine, they sometimes don't have the perspective needed to look beyond the here and now into what is going to happen in the future.

Selling what we do is sometimes hard when business owners hear 'HR' or 'safety' and instantly assume you're going to chuck a load of overly complicated paperwork at them and start telling them they're running the show all wrong.

Nobody wants to be told they've been cocking up, creating risk or ignoring their obligations. Not many like being made aware that there are things they must do if they employ people. Many know what they should do but have found it easier to ignore it, and focus on growing their business. They have a small number of employees- so can't justify training or employing a full-time person to run HR or manage their safety requirements. They 'get by', fudging things by using templates they've found online- or worse, ones that were designed for use by an entirely different business. I recently found a design company using templates they'd found that were designed for the NHS, and that left them exposed to all kinds of shenanigans.

Alternatively, a business may use a remote company, being sent generic policies and updates now and then and never, ever speaking to or meeting a real professional who sees the bigger picture. They never meet a person who seeks to understand their particular needs and respond accordingly, giving a far better service that goes beyond ticking boxes. They don't know if the policies and documents they've been given will work for them until they're tested.  They often don't find out they've got it wrong until they're faced with a thorny issue that isn't covered by the impenetrable folder of stuff that they paid through the nose for. They don't have access to a person who can talk them through the options and advise them on the correct course of action. When it comes to the crunch and you're faced with a tricky situation, you've got a shiny file full of information, no clue of how to apply it, and nobody to talk to. That has zero value for a business that needs to thrive. They need help on tap; they need someone fast, responsive and specific to their position.

This is why we believe that outsourcing key elements of a business' administration is the practical thing to do. 

This is why Treacletiger was set up. We believe in service and value for our clients, with a great relationship based on sound advice and support. We recognise that many get the fear when faced with the areas we specialise in; that's absolutely cool. Why would they need to know about ACoP, RSI or maternity leave? That's why we're here. We tweak the nose of fear. We keep things clear.

We offer qualified, expert advice that aligns with a business' aims and vision, while ensuring they remain compliant and legal. We can help remove and reduce risk, and help clients along the road to peace of mind.

We can't promise businesses the world, but we can promise that we can make their world a whole lot better.

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