Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The tiger's last day in captivity, or we're finally about to do this...

Tomorrow, we launch our website.

Today, we took delivery of our brand new business cards and set down a second meeting to go through a proposal for HR and health & wellbeing services to a fantastic company.

We've finetuned the interviews with the talented people we're featuring online, tweaked some other stuff, and we feel READY.

This is actually, properly happening.

Steve and I knew that we had something special when we set up the health & wellbeing programme within Bastows, and it's taken a while to feel that we're ready to replicate that success within other businesses. We've been through variations, changes, development, research- everything short of scrapping it and starting again. We've made our mistakes and learned from them. We'll potentially make a few more- nothing that will create chaos, you understand, but things that will ensure we keep learning as we go.

I guess that's how we know this works. We've tried things, tested ideas and kept all the best ones.

There's still some pre-match nerves, admittedly. What if people don't like the website? (We'll change it.) What if we get inundated with calls? (We'll answer them.) What if...?

That's why we did this. We were bored with 'what if' and 'if only'. So instead, we decided to think 'why not?'

It's time that the experience, knowledge and talent in every business came to the fore, and was appreciated for the value it creates. That counts for us too.

We're launching tomorrow not just because it's a nice fit (being the first of a month) and because it ties in nicely with a certain young lady's 3rd birthday; we are also doing it because today, we lost a special person and we've realised more than ever that time is precious, stories need to be told, and time passes all too quickly. 

It's time that we were out there, doing the fun stuff and showing off our talent too.

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