Monday, 23 January 2012

What's in a name?

People have been asking us a burning question. No, not anything remotely connected to this Saturday's lottery numbers, but a more personal one. 

One that's harder to define, because it's about feeling, memory, emotion and energy.

It's a question we're happy to answer although we're not sure people understand why, until they get to know us.

The question is "What does Treacletiger mean?"

 First off, we know it polarises opinion. Some love it, feeling it to be memorable, distinctive, fun, energetic and lively. Some have hurriedly dismissed it as a nonsense, a confection designed to create an edgy or (and this is funny) even 'trendy' image for our business. Some have rolled it around their tongues with a smile, some have used their tongues to try to dissuade us from adopting it.

We chose it because we felt a business we are this passionate about deserved a very special name; something that we connected straight back to creativity, enthusiasm and progress. So let's tell you about the concept of Treacletiger.

A few years back when camping with friends, we got to discussing alter egos, including online tags we choose for ourselves and even the 'craft names' adopted by some people we knew. We discussed how someone we knew as Emma was 'Bobcat' to others, and how she had created that persona. One or two of our number were dismissive, accusing people of hiding behind invented personalities as well as names.

We got to talking about names that we'd choose for ourselves, that represented who we were to our friends, as opposed to who we felt we were. Wil's suggestion that he should be named 'Weaselflute' was met with raucous laughter and we continued in that vein. When it came to me a very dear friend (who understands my nature better than most) burst out with "She has to be Treacletiger!" Her explanation for this was that I was "kind, brave and strong... and it's her sweetness makes her strong!"

It stuck. Treacletiger became an anchor for me when I needed to tap into a great memory, a time of creativity and energy, and a 'good vibe'. It illustrated my values perfectly for me and summed up how strength comes from sweetness, kindness and treating people right. I think businesses deserve some of that strength. 

When I realised I had started to let the concept inspire me, I reaised it had become symbolic of a dream, a word that summed up the passion, creativity and happiness from that campfire that I wanted to take to others.

So when we decided to work with businesses to create great workplaces and culture- what other word could I possibly have chosen?

I am just grateful that my colleagues in this venture 'get it', and are as keen as I am to take the tiger outside for a ride*.

*With apologies to Noel Gallagher:


  1. I am Charlotte "Chick" Murray and have a beautiful hair salon in Muswell Hill, North London. My business gives opportunities to other entrepreneurs(that are also our clients) to showcase their wares by creating events once a month and inviting all of our clients. People are my passion and I know how bloody hard it is to get yourself"out there" for people to see what you are about. I won a SMARTA award last year and met "Mummy Barrow" at the event. Would love to talk more!

    1. Hi Charlotte! We'd be delighted to chat- sounds like we share some great ideas. How cool that you have created a network for others from your own business... just what we love to hear. We are also about building trusted, brilliant relationships so we can recommend businesses with our hearts as well as our words. Long may it continue for us both!