Tuesday, 3 April 2012

I started something I couldn't....

Help. No, seriously- HELP. I've started a blog post without inspiration and preparation, and I have no idea what to do next.

The risk is that I'll panic. This will lead to waffle, assumptions, poor delivery, bravado, inaccuracy, blatant thievery of others' ideas and points, 'out there' statements made because I feel I have a point to prove and eventual meltdown, leaving you disenchanted, confused, bemused and about as energised as a week-old lettuce.

You'll walk away wondering why you bothered. Why you invested time and effort in coming here and reading this. You may never come back again and even criticise me to your friends.

My reputation and credibility will take a hit, my blog traffic will fall off, and I'll be left kicking myself.

OK, I'll stop. I DO have a point. You'd never start a blog post without some idea of what you wanted to discuss and achieve. You'd no more go into a post with no spark of inspiration or 'va-va-voom' than stick your hand in a blender.

So then why would you go in to deliver a presentation with no inspiration?

As I type, down the corridor in another room I can hear a man preparing for delivering a keynote speech to a group of CEOs in around a week. The man is Frank Bastow, CEO of Bastows, longtime mentor and newish blogger over at Make Business Beautiful. His speech is about setting the context for your business, and managing the energy in your organisation. (What? Oh, best you talk to him about it, he explains it far better than I can right now.)

The point here is that to be a great mentor and speaker, Frank goes in prepared, and with inspiration, not just statistics and a flipchart. The energy you bring to a room when you're truly inspired is a marvel to behold.

Try looking around for your inspiration right now. Let it inform your decisions and how you behave today. Anything that helps you feel prepared and dynamic and is utterly infectious has to be worth a go, right?

Plus, you won't fall on your face, nick anything you shouldn't, or turn your audience into limp salad.

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