Monday, 16 April 2012


It's a horribly clumsy word, but I believe that 'resourcefulness' is a desirable (perhaps even essential) quality that should appear in every job ad. 

Why? Because the resourceful man or woman will always find a way; they will think strategically, and they will DO, rather than wait to be directed or instructed. They are generally enthused, energised and motivated. They motivate others by their activity. 

They don't let the grass grow under their feet. They are creative and flexible. They are skilled at making a little go a long way- great when you need them to maximise the impact that can be achieved on a small budget.

They build good relationships because they always love to know someone they can trust to fix an issue or whose brains they can pick. They can be great at leading teams and bringing out the best in others.

They are possessed of a determination and focus that sees them grow and develop beyond fulfilling a single aim or function. They bring value. 

I feel that organisations should always prize resourcefulness in its members and potential hires.

Being resourceful often sees people accomplish amazing things.

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