Thursday, 17 May 2012


Yesterday I attended the Connecting HR Unconference- the fourth such event but the first I've been to. The theme was 'Creating Socially Engaged Workplaces', and promised to deliver ideas on social media strategy, adoption, implementation and development.

I really had no idea what to expect other than knowing the names of a few speakers, and looking forward to meeting several people I've tweeted with but never met face to face... and there's no substitute for that, is there? 

There really are too many to blog about today (but I expect I will in future) but these included Natasha Stallard of Stirring the Source, who has intrigued me for a long time with her wit, 'fairy dust' and promise of 'getting past the mucky layers' to something great. Good too to know I'd encounter Doug Shaw, the man behind the excellent What Goes Around and the enigmatic 'Rick', the mind behind one of my favourite blogs FlipChart Fairytales

I was also excited to see Rocket Launcher Jon Bartlett, who never fails to inspire and amuse with a mix of insight, wisdom, humour and the right amount of cheekiness.

So given I knew I'd be in a room filled with brilliant minds and faced a tidal wave of ideas and creativity, how did I feel?

In a nutshell: scared witless.

Even when you've 'done' HR for a while you know you're never going to know everything, be 'up' on every way of thinking, or understand others' roles in their organisations or businesses. There's little point trying. Faced with a room full of people who have had a bloody good go anyway, I found the best thing to do was contribute when I could, and shut up and listen when I felt it wise to. I think it paid off.

I came away with some incredible ideas and insight, some new ways of thinking and a 'buzz' that's still not worn off. I also met some great people who were both generous with their time and ideas, and for that I am thankful.

Oh, and the minutes were pretty cool, too. 

Huge thanks and congratulations to the organisers, the venue, the artists and attendees

See you next time...

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  1. Awesome! Great to have you there Niki - thanks for supporting the event and its the attendees like you who make it great. Great to see so many new faces and meet people - like you - for the first time.

    Look forward to more!