Thursday, 17 May 2012


Our website's undergoing a bit of a rethink. When we launched the current version earlier this year, we made a solemn promise to listen and respond to feedback. The feedback's been patchy, but the message is clear - keep it simple, stupid.

We're up for change, and all the more so for regeneration of something that's already pretty good but can be better, faster stronger, clearer - and more fun.

It's the honest and open responses we've had to the site that have fuelled this, and we are forever grateful to our families, friends, clients and connections for being so supportive and helpful while we tried a few things on for size. It's not been tough because we know all feedback comes from a great place of wanting us to be fantastic, and get our message across in the best way. We recognise we've not been doing that as well as we thought - the consistent comment we've heard is "I'm not sure people really get what you do" - so we've worked at making it clearer.

So many people have remarked that what we offer is a wonderful and potent package of services, and that a simpler approach would communicate that much better. Some have said that we've listened to others who don't get where we're coming from and agonised over things too much so it's clouded our position, and done us a disservice. We've taken that on board and stripped away a lot of the more unhelpful language. We've stopped worrying about a gimmick and realise that clarity is enough. Simply put, we feel it's better now we've cleaned house a bit.

There are a fair few people who love it as it is, and we're sorry, but hey- change is good, and our hearts are telling us to go for this. We're sure it won't be too traumatic when you next visit. (Keep that feedback coming, won't you?)

Setting out in business is a learning curve, and sometimes it's so steep, it's verging on the perpendicular. (Like all the best rollercoasters.)

The new version will launch tomorrow, all being well- we just need new photos of us looking gorgeous... which may not happen overnight. 

Pah. We relaunch tomorrow. Regardless.

Credit to VHR Peg People for the Doctors that illustrate this piece and how we're feeling so well.

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