Monday, 5 November 2012

Light the blue touchpaper....

I used to say that there are two things you should never go back to: ex-boyfriends and lit fireworks. Having proven myself a liar in the first instance (with happy results, may I add) I still absolutely cannot condone breaking the rule on the second.

However, the kind of fireworks I’ve got in mind here are HR Fireworks.You know, commonly known as People.

As their HR professional, you’re responsible for their safety and their security. It’s down to you to see that they’re handled with care, positioned right and have the spark required to ensure that when they shine, they draw ‘ooh’s and ‘aah’s, and put smiles on as many faces as possible. Neglect their needs, chuck them in a damp corner and they fizzle out in a wave of disappointment and confusion - or go off in your face.

There are fireworks in your business right now that are on the edge of fizzling, exploding, or delivering a beautiful display that draws gasps of admiration- but they need that TLC, that spark, and that care. Those fireworks need you.

Go back to them.

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