Thursday, 1 November 2012

Lynas Architecture

We're delighted to share the news that in recent months we have begun work with Lynas Architecture on developing a suite of HR policies and procedures for their growing team.

Michael Lynas heads up this talented team to create remarkable living and working spaces in London.

It's always a pleasure to visit Michael and the team but more so because he designed the mixed-use building in Hackney where they're based- so when we meet I am able to look around me and see the talent in his team for myself.

Lynas Architecture is a business that's set out determined to do things right. It's Michael's belief that this is essential if he is to create an effective plan for the future.

This is what has led Treacletiger to work with Lynas Architecture. Recognising that he would need to look after his business and his people, Michael has engaged outsourced professionals to deliver, freeing his staff to focus on their own roles. Effective HR systems are being adopted alongside expert IT advice; the systems and quality being built into the fabric of the business will support Michael's aim of growing his practice and take their people forward to greater success.

Michael's vision and commitment to quality systems shows that whatever size a business is, having the right frameworks in place is essential to support goals and visions.

Michael tweets as @michaellynas and is also sharing updates on the renovations of his own home over on Facebook.

Quite apart from runnng a fascinating business, Michael is a top guy- I do  recommend you follow and cheer them on as his business goes from strength to strength.

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