Monday, 14 January 2013

Making the most of minutes

Imagine you bank with an organisation that pays £1,440 into your account every single morning.

Every evening they dock whatever you didn't use and take you back to a zero balance. No, you can't carry it over. No, it's not a savings account. You snooze, you lose. 

Soon, you'd learn withdraw every penny of that £1,440 every day and have some fun with it, wouldn't you?

Each of us has an account just like this, but instead of pounds and pence, it gives us hours and minutes. Every morning, we are gifted 1,440 minutes.

Every morning of every day.

If you don't use all you've been given, that's down to you. Nobody made you waste anything.

No, you can't have an overdraft and use up some of tomorrow's gift. Stop worrying about tomorrow's gift. It's not in the account yet.

You must live on today's amount. Invest it well and get the most out of it. Make the minutes count.

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