Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Inspiration in words

Above my desk is a cork pinboard, the kind you can find in thousands of offices around the globe. On it are a mixture of business cards, stamps and exciting things such as a 'good luck' ornament from a Taiwanese market and our employer's liability insurance certificate. However, there's one thing that stands out and that people comment on.

It's a piece of paper that reads:

"Cherish the Past,
Adorn the Present,
Construct for the future."

The above quote comes from the visionary Bertram Clough Williams-Ellis, humble architect. Williams-Ellis is best remembered as the creator of the village of Portmeirion in North Wales, famous for its pastel-painted constructs in Italianate style and as the setting for 1960s TV drama 'The Prisoner.' However, his works extended beyond this to such diverse buildigs as the memorial garden at Wisley, the now sadly-demolished original Battersea Dogs' Home building and numerous private houses. Williams-Ellis refused to become set in a signature style, being agile enough to diversify when needed while remaining true to his core values.

I've always loved the quote above, feeling it sums up beautifully what we should all aim for in business- to love what's gone before, make today the best it can be, and to build something better for tomorrow. It's what we feel is needed in many teams, providing a shared purpose and common goals. 

Over the years, Williams-Ellis has inspired us to share this message with the businesses we've been involved with, and put it to work for them. 

His words are a message we've been proud to work into our own core values and communicate to others.

Except obviously, he said it better.  

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