Thursday, 21 February 2013

Knowing when

A few of you may know that we take a lively interest in politics, and in particular the issue of healthcare. Our local hospital is facing a huge threat to key services including its A&E and maternity departments under a scheme called 'Better Services, Better Value' (which we'll refer to as BSBV hereafter.)

The scheme is designed to deliver what it says on the tin- but in these times of austerity it's become the nemesis of many a South London hospital as it weilds its hatchet over Lewisham, Croydon, Merton, Sutton and Kingston.

The BSBV review is increasingly being recognised as a costly and ineffective tool where balancing essential efficiency measures with the standard of healthcare provision so desperately needed by our community is concerned. Last summer, we were advised a decision on our hospital would be taken 'in the Autumn.' That became October, then November. All the while the costs were mounting and the reputations of those involved were heading speedily towards the bin.

Yesterday, we thought we'd get a decision today. We steeled ourselves. What we got were more excuses, more bluster and another postponement- this time indefinite. Those in charge look foolish and pigheaded to continue with this flawed process. The community is in uproar. The costs stand in the millions of pounds and rising.

And still, nobody knows what's happening. 

How has this come about? Because someone has a vision, and no matter how flawed they refuse to recognise it. They refuse to say "when" and either scrap the process or halt it for a full, frank review.

My question to those in business is this: what pet project is costing you in terms of time, cash and reputation? And are you brave enough to know when to trash it?

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