Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Poor show, UK

The UK is amongst the worst nations for employee wellbeing, according to the Workforce Quality of Life Index.

Today's news, courtesy of HR Magazine should set alarm bells ringing across businesses large and small. 

For me, the issue here is that the UK has lagged behind many other nations in making the link between wellbeing and productivity. Whereas Scandinavian countries (for example) have led on this, it has taken a deep double-dip recession and misery galore before the lightbulb moment has occurred here. Suddenly, people are starting to connect the dots between work and health and to believe that how you treat employees and whether you keep them safe at work may impact on their health and performance. Well, who'd have imagined?

We will get there, but we need sustained effort, an investment of time as well as money, and to open the minds of business leaders to the power and value of physically and psychologically healthy employees. 

Sadly, with the chipping away of employment rights and the demonisation of health & safety, I fear we could undo what little progress we have made in this area.

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