Friday, 1 February 2013


Yesterday I was delighted to support our client Lynas Architecture as they launched Renovate

Renovate is a new product inspired by Michael Lynas' experiences of self-renovating a home he bought that was in dire need of both structural and cosmetic makeover. From stripping floorboards to installing new windows in keeping with the Victorian grandeur of the house, Michael and his partner Maedi have either completed or overseen the works themselves, making their home a true labour of love. You can catch up on their progress here.

Lynas' speciality are large, transformative projects that see existing buildings developed for new use. They have grown and thrived, but realised like many involved with the construction industry in recent years) that they should develop new ways of working if they are to maximise the talent in their team, sustain growth and remain ahead of the market.

What struck me yesterday as Michael spoke about his obvious passion for restoring and transforming living spaces was how he referred back to the key concepts of Renovate as being 'care' and 'advice'. 

'Advice' can be described as being one service he offers to those wishing to renovate a home themselves. This involves helping them get planning permission sorted and meet building regulations, offering a vision and expertise- but leaving the creation of the space to them. His idea of 'Care' on the other hand involves working in partnership with trusted builders and tradesmen to offer a complete solution for those either too busy to get stuck in, or who are wary of picking up the tools themselves. The word that kept coming to mind was 'Agility.'

I often urge business leaders to demonstrate agility, explaining it as the ability to adapt and evolve according to resources, influence, conditions and to behave with an awareness of the needs of the business and the people. Michael's vision is the creation of a smaller, but more consistent revenue stream that doesn't detract from or affect his larger projects (including the stunning building where his own team are based) or affect the service he gives to current clients. Agility is the capability to diversify, to research and try something new, shift your thinking, act fast and be fearless. It's frustrating when I don't see it, and fantastic when I do.

Yesterday I saw it by the bucketload, and I am still smiling. I wish Michael and the amazing team at Lynas every success with Renovate.

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