Friday, 26 April 2013

Fall in love today

"Sometimes, I hate this job."

- Me, many times over the years

I read this a few days ago, which makes a case for employees who hate their job to take on more work, bigger challenges and tougher tasks.

I agree with this thinking- when I've felt demotivated or frustrated with work in the past, taking on a project or a challenge has helped me get back on track, refocus my mind and recapture that sense of belonging. It's no 'Aha' moment to realise that we feel more valuable and talented when we test ourselves, and really get our minds and abilities working to capacity.

A big project can lead you to work with others you normally wouldn't get an opportunity to collaborate with, to test your knowledge and share ideas. 

Most of all, it helps you refresh your sense of purpose. Every job has a purpose, but we may lose sight of it. We can forget that we matter, that what we do counts, and that people need us to perform well so they can do their job.

I won't pretend that every employee has a big chance or an immediately obvious opportunity to make the change, but there are always small ones, and they're there if you look. Start today, rediscover that purpose, and fall in love with your work again.

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