Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Little miracles

Every so often, life throws you a little spark or a small moment that makes you believe in wonderful things.

On Monday night my parents' dog, an adorable little Border Terrier named Tilly, gave birth to her first litter of four pups- two male, two female. She's proven to be a proud and loving mum, and her even, affectionate temperament is serving her offspring well.

This morning, the vet called by. She gave the pups a clean bill of health but wasn't too happy with Tilly. A quick trip to the surgery and a scan revealed she had one pup as yet undelivered- and there was a heartbeat. Surgery was called for. 

Mum and Dad have been worried sick and anxious that the puppy was a goner, and that their beloved little Tilly dog was in danger too.

We just heard that Tilly- and her very late to the party third son- are doing fine.

Little miracles. They'll find you alright.

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