Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Well well well...

The results are trickling in from the second employee wellbeing survey we've conducted with a client, and they are looking good.

Actually, they're better than good. We are seeing an astonishing decrease in the number of musculoskeletal issues reported, including a huge drop in neck, lower back and shoulder pain in office-based staff thanks to small, inexpensive changes made to workstations and better awareness of moving around regularly including taking proper breaks from their desks.

Stress at work is down too. Last year it wasn't unusual to see stress levels of 8/10 reported by people who felt they were running to stand still, and didn't know why their role mattered. So far, not one person has reported a stress level above 6. Thanks to better HR practice, updated systems, consistency of application and a clear plan for the development of each employee, people understand now why their job counts, and why they are valued. Most of all, they know what improvements they can make and who to go to if they find themselves in need of support.

All of these changes have been implemented over time, with input and suggestions from all levels of the business. The collaboration we've encouraged and seen from those affected by change has been remarkable; and one of the best parts is that unknown talents have been discovered on this journey which have helped succession planning- essential for the future of the Company.

What next? Well, we keep improving. We up our game, reviewing the information we ask for and receive. We look at what else this business can offer to protect the wellbeing of its people and of its business. We consider the business' culture, its aims and overriding vision as well as budgets, timeframes and responsibilities.

The upshot? The Company knows it's discharging its duty under the law by doing its best for its people, protecting them from work-related ill-health and injury. Absenteeism continues to fall, lost hours are further reduced, and the energy levels increase, making the working environment a far better place to do business.

The people who work in this business are telling us they feel cared about. They know now that they can raise health matters and be recognised for contributing to the wellbeing 'plan'. They feel a part of things. They know that their health matters, and that their own ideas and initiatives will be welcomed.

And you know something else? From an outside perspective, its a nicer place to work than sit used to be. Clients visiting these offices couldn't help but notice the energy and positivity here.

They may do what a dozen other companies do, but they do it in a much more dynamic way. It's what marks them out from competitors and makes them a great team to do business with.

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